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Sterling Garage Heater
Electric Greenhouse Heaters
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Sterling GG Gas Garage Heaters
GG Heaters | TF Heaters | GF Heaters | Nexus Heaters

Not sure what size heater you need for your greenhouse? Use our Heater BTU Calculator.

Sterling Heaters are Proudly Made in the USA.
Sterling GG Gas Heaters - ON SALE
Sterling GG garage guy heater

      Power Exhaust
      Electronic Igniter
      Residential Certified
      Convertible to Separated Combustion
            by adding the Concentric Vent Kit
Convertible to Separated Combustion
Sterling GG gas heaters are durable and highly efficient, 82% (83% for models 30 to 60). They are an excellent option for heating garages, greenhouses, sheds, etc. Each Sterling GG heater includes: tubular heat exchanger, electronic ignition, power exhaust system, advanced diagnostic system for dependable worry-free operation, lots of safety features, high power fan to provide even heat distribution, rust-resistant aluminized steel exchanger, stainless steel burner, and a baked-on enamel finish made to protect them from harsh environments. Some wiring required. Requires 110/120v electricity. Designed for propane or natural gas. Mounting brackets included.
Concentric vent kit
is not included.
 Click Here for Garage Sizing & More Info
 Modine HDS heaterClick Here for GG Heater Setup Options

Every GG heater comes setup for the gas type
you select AND includes a free conversion kit .
  Model BTU
Gas Type
Order Online
GG30 30,000 24,900 $649 $579
GG45 45,000 37,350 $676 $609
GG60 60,000 49,800 $798 $739
GG75 75,000 61,500 $817 $759
GG90 90,000 73,800 $879 $819
GG105 105,000 86,100 $934 $879
GG120 120,000 98,400 $981 $929
Free shipping on Sterling GG heaters to anywhere in the USA except Alaska and Hawaii.
All Sterling GG heaters and accessories are delivered direct to you in 3 to 8 days!

Sterling GG vs. Modine HDS Separated Combustion Heaters
Heater Model
Modine HDS
Sterling GG
* The Concentric Vent Kit below is an accessory that must be purchased in addition to the GG heater to make it separated combustion.
Heater Efficiency
82 - 83%
Air Temperature Rise
45 - 50 F
60 F
Stainless Steel Burner
Concentric Vent Kit comes with pipe
Venting is Included with Heater
Heater Cost + Concentric Vent Kit
$1115 - $1745
$778 - $1198
Sterling GG Concentric Vent Kit
Add Separated Combustion to the GG with the Optional Concentric Vent Kit
Sterling GG Vent KitSterling GG heaters can be converted to separated combustion when this kit is added to the heater. Separated combustion heaters draw combustion air from outside to ensure that the unit will always have plenty of fresh clean air. The fresh air supply reduces common concerns about dusty, dirty, or high humidity applications. You can also decrease heating costs by as much as 10% because no cold outside air is being sucked into the structure when the heater is running. What does the concentric vent kit do? The concentric vent kit allows the air intake and exhaust to vent to the outside wall with only one hole as shown in the picture below. Use for horizontal or vertical venting.

The concentric vent kit includes: (shown above) the concentric vent box, inlet air screen, deflector disc, vent cap, air intake adapter, access panel gasket, and high-temp silicone More vent information
Sterling Heater Vent
The horizontal pipe kit includes: (items in red text above) 5' of UL1738 stainless steel exhaust pipe with heater adapter for exhaust. Galvanized pipe, storm collar, and stainless steel hardware are also included to complete the air inlet pipe. (All of the pipe needed for a straight 5' horizontal pipe run).
The 45 elbow set includes a UL1738 stainless steel 45 elbow for the exhaust and a galvanized 45 elbow for the intake. This is needed for customers who want to mount the heater at a 45 angle.
  For Models Description Price
Order Online
GG30, 45, 60, 75 4" Concentric Vent Kit
(Pipe not included)
$289 $229
GG30, 45, 60, 75 4" Horizontal Pipe Kit $205 $189
GG30, 45, 60, 75 45 Elbow Set 4" $64
Click here if you need a vertical concentric pipe kit
GG90, 105, 120 5" Concentric Vent Kit
(Pipe not included)
$379 $315
GG90, 105, 120 5" Horizontal Pipe Kit $238 $219
GG90, 105, 120 45 Elbow Set 5" $72
  Additional 4" pipe for GG30-75         Additional 5" pipe for GG90-120
Free shipping to anywhere in the USA except Alaska and Hawaii.

Standard 4" GG Stainless Steel Horizontal Vent Kit
Sterling GG Vent Pipe Kit
Vent kit comes complete with everything needed to vent a Sterling GG heater.
These 5' stainless steel, gas tight vent systems are approved for horizontal installation in residential and commercial applications for all GG heaters. Each kit is category III certified gas tight and simple to install (the vent pipe has a built-in locking band and gasket system requiring only a screwdriver for assembly). Most durable, longest lasting, and lowest maintenance vent system available for
Garage/Shop Vent Kit includes:
Sterling GG 4" adapter, 24" x 4" vent pipe, (2) 12" x 4" vent pipes, 4" wall thimble with adjustable vent pipe, 4" Sterling approved vent cap, and installation instructions for Sterling GG heaters.

45 Garage/Shop Vent Kit includes: (This kit ideal for heaters mounted at a 45 angle and when a shorter vent run is needed) Sterling GG 4" adapter, 45 elbow, (2) 12" x 4" vent pipes, 4" wall thimble with adjustable vent pipe, 4" Sterling approved vent cap, and installation instructions for GG heaters.
Greenhouse Vent Kit includes: Sterling GG 4" adapter, 32" x 4" adj.vent pipe, 24" x 4" vent pipe, two 4" firestop flashings, 4" storm collar, 4" Sterling approved vent cap, and installation instructions for GG heaters.
HDS Gas HeaterClick Here for Additional Stainless Steel Vent Pipe and Connectors

GG Garage/Shop Vent Kit
(Designed for walls over 4" thick)
Price: $249    qty:
45 GG Garage/Shop Vent Kit
(For mounting heater at an angle)
Price: $257    qty:
GG Greenhouse Vent Kit
(Designed for walls less than 4" thick)
Price: $245    qty:

Accessories for all Sterling Heaters
Heater Thermostats
Sterling mounting kit
Sterling heater pipe
Mounting Kits
Gas Connector
Click here to view accessories available for all Sterling heaters.
Not sure what size heater you need for your greenhouse? Use our Heater BTU Calculator.


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