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Greenhouse Plant Pots, Trays, & Containers
Jump Start Seed Germination Trays
Jiffy up mini indoor greenhouses

These mini greenhouses come complete with biodegradable peat pellets, germination tray, and a humidity dome. They are ideal for starting your seeds indoors in a jiffy! Just put a few seeds in each pellet and add water. Each pellet has its own compartment. All you have to do is put the dome lid on top and you have ideal temperature and climate settings to propagate your seedlings! The peat pellets expand into a self contained soil container and can be planted directly into the ground or planter pot. No mess, no fuss. This is the best and easiest way to start plants early.

    Quantity Discount
5 +
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12 Pellet Jump Start Tray
36 Pellet Jump Start Tray
81 Pellet Jump Start Tray
No Longer Available
Jiffy Peat Pellet 36 Peat Pellet Refill $4.25
81 Peat Pellet Refill $7.95
1500 Peat Pellet Refill $98.95

Plastic Grow Bags
Grow bags

These are a low-cost alternative to plastic pots used by greenhouse growers and are now available to the reisdential grower. These grow bags are made from a specially formulated plstic that provides for a longer life than any other on the market. The bags have pre-punched drain holes and easily stand upright when filled with media. Widely used in greenhouse drip irrigation applications. Excellent for bedding plants, tree seedlings, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, etc. Empty Grow Bags take up much less room than pots.Save Over 30% when you buy a case!

Order Online
1/2 Gallon Grow Bag - 30 pack
1/2 Gallon Grow Bag - Case of 1020
1 Gallon Grow Bag - 25 pack
1 Gallon Grow Bag - Case of 500
2 Gallon Grow Bag - 25 pack
2 Gallon Grow Bag - Case of 500
3 Gallon Grow Bag - 25 pack
3 Gallon Grow Bag - Case of 500
5 Gallon Grow Bag - 25 pack
5 Gallon Grow Bag - Case of 400

Root Pots
Grow bags

Made from 100% recycled material. Allows water to evaporate more evenly. Auto-prunes roots & prevents root circling. Creates a dense & fibrous root structure. Allows evaporative cooling in hot climates & provides thermal insulation in cold climates. Root Pots are designed to allow roots to breathe and promote vigorous root growth. Pots are both reusable and degradable. Unlike plastic pots, Root Pots are designed to break down and return to the earth after multiple seasons of use. Root Pots are not tapered like plastic pots, so they stand up well to strong winds and heavy harvests.

Root Pots can be used in a variety of applications:

  • Helps keep plants from getting rootbound
  • Plants thrive when roots are allowed to breathe
  • Only Root Pots are Reusable and Degradable
  • Made from 100% Recycled Material
Order Online
1 Gallon Root Pot - each
3 Gallon Root Pot - each
5 Gallon Root Pot - each
10 Gallon Root Pot - each
Greenhouse Flower Pots & Hanging Baskets
Earth Anchor Set

These are the same pots we use to grow plants in our commercial greenhouses. We have found they offer superior quality and durability compareed to most other similar pots.

10" Hanging Baskets come complete with built-in saucer and adjustable height 19" wire hanger. Baskets are 5 1/4" deep.

4" and 6" Plastic Flower Pots feature a split level dual drain bottom for better aeration and drainage. 4" pots are 3" deep, and 6" pots are 3 3/4" deep.

Order Online
10" Hanging Baskets - 10 Pack
10" Hanging Baskets - Case of 50
6" Plastic Flower Pots - 100 Pack
6" Plastic Flower Pots - Case of 550
4" Plastic Flower Pots - 100 Pack
4" Plastic Flower Pots - Case of 1500

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