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Modine HD 'Hot Dawg' Vent Pipe Kits
Modine HD Vent System
3" HD Vent System Accessories
All pieces below are UL1738 approved for category III venting. The elbows allow vent the heater at a 45 or 90 degree angle. The drip tee is required to drain condensation if you do not have a 1/4" for foot downward slope in your vent line. The GG vent adapter connects the vent pipe to the heater. Extra vent pipe is needed if your installation requires more than the 3' of pipe which is included with the 3" vent system. The adjustable vent pipes can slide in and out of a fixed vent pipe giving you an adjustable length. The amount of adjustment available depends on the length of the pipe it is connected to. NOTE: 2 adjustable vent pipes can't be connected together. A firestop or thimble is needed when venting through a combustible wall. It insulates the pipe and provides the required distance from the pipe to the wall. Firestops can be used with thinner walls than a thimble which makes them ideal for most greenhouse installations. The storm collar is needed to seal the air gap between the pipe and a firestop on the outside wall (Not needed when using a wall thimble).

What is UL 1738? In short, it is a US standard for gas venting systems required in category III applications. Category III refers to positive vent pressure which is created by exhaust blowers in unit heaters. These vent systems must be constructed of AL29-4CŪ stainless steel, contain silicone gaskets for sealing, and have a built in mechanical locking band among other requirements.

Hot Dawg Elbow
3" 45 Elbow
HD Elbow
3" 90 Elbow
Hot Dawg Drip Tee
3" Drip Tee
Hot Dawg Vent Pipe Adapter
3" HD Heater Adapter
Hot Dawg Vent Pipe
3" x 12" Vent Pipe
Hot Dawg Vent Pipe
3" x 18" Vent Pipe
Hot Dawg Vent Pipe
3" x 36" Vent Pipe
Hot Dawg Vent Pipe
3" x 14" Adjustable Vent Pipe
HD Firestop Flashing
3" Firestop Flashing
HD Wall Thimble
3" Wall Thimble (Adj. 4.5" to 8") + Adj. Vent Pipe
HD Storm Collar
3" Storm Collar
HD Firestop Flashing
3" Screened Termination Tee

Modine HD 3" Horizontal Vent Systems
Hot Dawg Vent Pipe Kit
Vent kit comes complete with everything needed to vent a Modine HD heater.
These 3' stainless steel, gas tight 3" vent systems are approved by Modine for horizontal installation in residential and commercial applications for all HD heaters. Each kit is category III certified gas tight and simple to install (the vent pipe has a built-in locking band and gasket system requiring only a screwdriver for assembly). Most durable, longest lasting, and lowest maintenance vent system available for Modine Hot Dawg heaters.
Garage/Shop Vent Kit includes: Modine HD 3" adapter, two 12" x 3" vent pipes, 3" wall thimble with adjustable vent pipe, 3" screened termintation tee, and installation instructions for HD heaters. Greenhouse Vent Kit includes: Modine HD 3" adapter, 36" x 3" vent pipe, two 3" firestops, 3" storm collar, 3" screened termintation tee, and installation instructions for HD heaters.

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