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Sterling GG Heater Vertical Vent Kits
Sterling GG Concentric Vent Kit
Add Separated Combustion to the GG with the Optional Concentric Vent Kit
Sterling Vent KitSterling GG heaters can be converted to separated combustion when this kit is added to the heater. Separated combustion heaters draw combustion air from outside to ensure that the unit will always have plenty of fresh clean air. The fresh air supply reduces common concerns about dusty, dirty, or high humidity applications. You can also decrease heating costs by as much as 10% because no cold outside air is being sucked into the structure when the heater is running. What does the concentric vent kit do? The concentric vent kit allows the air intake and exhaust to vent to the outside wall with only one hole as shown in the picture above. Use for horizontal or vertical venting.

The concentric vent kit includes: (shown above) the concentric vent box, inlet air screen, deflector disc, vent cap, air intake adapter, access panel gasket, and high-temp silicone More vent information

The vertical pipe kits include:
(items in red text shown at left)

- 5' of UL1738 stainless steel exhaust pipe
- UL1738 stainless steel tee with condensate cap
- UL1738 stainless steel heater adapter
- 2' of interior galvanized intake pipe (4" or 5")
    4" for models GG30 - GG75
    5" for models GG90 - GG120
- 2' of exterior galvanized intake pipe (7" or 9")
    7" for models GG30 - GG75
    9" for models GG90 - GG120

- Galvanized storm collar
- Galvanized roof flashing (standard or steep pitch)
    Standard for roofs with 1/12 to 6/12 pitch
Steep for roofs with 7/12 to 12/12 pitch
- Galvanized tee with condensate cap
- Stainless steel hardware

Please note: Vertical installations vary, and additional pipe may be needed. Please read the Sterling GG Concentric Vent Manual to determine what your venting needs are.

The concentric vent kit is not included with any of the pipe kits. It must be purchased in addition to the pipe kit to have a complete vent system.

  Click here to view horizontal concentric pipe kits

  For Models Description Price
Order Online
GG30, 45, 60, 75 4" Concentric Vent Kit
(Pipe not included)
$289 $229
GG30, 45, 60, 75 4" Vertical Pipe Kit
Standard Roof Pitch
$359 $329
GG30, 45, 60, 75 4" Vertical Pipe Kit
Steep Roof Pitch
$361 $329
GG30, 45, 60, 75 4" x 2' Section of Galvanized
Intake Pipe (for interior)
GG30, 45, 60, 75 7" x 2' Section of Galvanized
Intake Pipe (for exterior)
Click here for additional 4" exhaust pipe & fittings
GG90, 105, 120 5" Concentric Vent Kit
(Pipe not included)
$379 $315
GG90, 105, 120 5" Vertical Pipe Kit
Standard Roof Pitch
$401 $369
GG90, 105, 120 5" Vertical Pipe Kit
Steep Roof Pitch
$403 $369
GG90, 105, 120 5" x 2' Section of Galvanized
Intake Pipe (for interior)
GG90, 105, 120 9" x 2' Section of Galvanized
Intake Pipe (for exterior)
Click here for additional 5" exhaust pipe & fittings
Free shipping to anywhere in the USA except Alaska and Hawaii.


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