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Modine Gas Heater Parts

Click here for Modine HD heater parts
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We stock many parts for Modine gas heaters and can have any other Modine part shipped to you in 2 to 3 days. To accurately identify your Modine heater part, we will need the following information:
Modine Heater Parts
Click here to locate power & control codes on the heater plate
  • Modine heater model #
  • Modine heater power code
  • Modine heater control code
  • Description of part
  • Part # (optional)
Modine Parts
PD, PAE, PA Main Parts Diagram
The Modine heater information can typically be found on the back of your Modine heater (see example above). The more details you can provide, the faster we can respond to your parts request. Please e-mail Modine heater information toModine Heater Parts.
Modine Installation Manuals & Wiring Diagrams
Modine's collection of installation manuals and wiring diagrams for discontinued
models like the PA, PAE, PD, PV heaters and more are available here

(in Archived Documents section)

Modine Heater Burners
Modine gas heater burner part

All replacement Modine burner assemblies are stainless steel.

The replaced model # listed below is Modine's model # for the standard aluminized burner installed on the heater. Modine only sells replacement heater burners in stainless steel.


Modine Part #
For Models
(replaces 3H33073-2)
PA50, PD50. PDP50
(replaces 3H33073-3)
PA75, PAE50, PV50, PD75, PDP75
(replaces 3H33073-14)
(replaces 3H33073-4)
PA105, PD100, PDP100
(replaces 3H33073-16)
PD125, PDP125
(replaces 3H33073-5)
PA130, PA150, PAE100, PAE125, PV100, PV125, PD150, PDP150
(replaces 3H33073-6)
PA170, PA175, PAE145, PV145, PD175, PDP175
(replaces 3H33073-7)
PA200, PA225, PAE175, PAE200, PV175, PV200, PD200, PD250, PDP200, PDP250
(replaces 3H33073-9)
PA300, PAE225, PAE250, PV250, PD300, PDP300
(replaces 3H33073-10)
PA350, PAE300, PAE350, PV300, PV350, PD350, PDP350
(replaces 3H33073-11)
PA400, PAE400, PV400, PD400, PDP400

Modine Heater Thermocouple
  Modine Thermocouple Thermocouple comes in two lengths: 36" (Modine part # 5H69336-6) for standing pilot gas heaters 100,000 BTUs or less and 48" (Modine part # 5H69336-7) for all larger Modine standing pilot heaters.

Modine Standing Pilot Assembly
  Modine Pilot Assembly Universal standing pilot assembly includes tubing, pilot burner, mounting bracket, instructions, & pilot orifices for LP and NG. Modine Part # 3H37454-2 (Works with standing pilot Modine PD, PAE, & PA heaters) Old part # 3H34030-10

Modine Blocked Vent Switch
  Modine Blocked vent switch Manual reset switch. Modine Part # 5H73057 (Works with most Modine PD, PDP, PAE, & PA heaters built after 1986)

Modine Overheat Limit Switch
  Modine overheat limit control Temperature limit control with auto reset. Modine part # 5H73593 (Works with most Modine gas unit heaters)

Modine PA Overheat Limit & Fan Switch
  Modine overheat limit control Some older PA models use this 3 wire limit switch which also runs the fan instead of a timer. Modine part # 5H68074 (Works with older PA Modine gas unit heaters)

Modine Fan Delay Timer
  Modine fan timer Delays main heater fan when coming on and shutting off. Modine part # 5H73035 (Works with most PD, PAE, & PA heaters)

Modine PV & PDP Fan Delay Timer
  Modine fan timer Delays main heater fan when coming on and shutting off. Modine part # 5H71675 (Works with most PDP & PV heaters)

Modine 24v Transformer
  Modine transformer Converts line 120v to low 24v for heater controls. Modine Part # 5H71956-1 (Works with most Modine PD, PDP, PAE, & PA heaters built after 1986)

Modine PD, PAE, etc. Terminal Board
  Modine terminal board Replacement terminal board for wiring 24v controls to the heater. Board mounts to junction box on back of heater. Modine Part # 5H71955 (Works with most Modine heaters with 24v controls)

Modine Heater Fan Motors
Modine blower fan motor

All stocked Modine fan / blower motors are listed bleow.They are all 120v motors. Fan motors only come with what is shown in the picture.

Note: If you have a PA model made before 1980, the part listed below may not work with your heater. If the last 2 digits on your PA heater's serial # are NOT 80 or higher, email your heater model # and serial # toModine Heater Parts

Part #29 on heater diagram.

Modine Part #
For Models
PA30, PA50, PA75, PAE30, PAE50, PD30, PD50, PV30, PV50, PDP30, PDP50, PAH40, PAH55
PAE75, PAE100, PV75, PV100
9F30198 / 9F30226
PD75, PD100, PDP75, PDP100
9F30212 / 9F30227
PD125, PD150, PDP125, PDP150
PA105, PA130, PAE125, PV125
9F30225 /
PA145 thru PA225, PAE145 thru PAE225, PV145 thru PV200, PD175, PD200, PDP175, PDP200, PAH130, PAH180, PSH130, PSH170
9F30097 / 9F30228
PA250, PA300, PAE250, PAE300, PV250, PV300, PD250, PDP250, PAH240, PSH225
PA350, PA400, PD300, PDP300, PAH300, PAH360, PSH280, PSH340
PA400, PAE350, PAE400, PV350, PV400, PD350, PD400, PDP350, PDP400, PAH360, PTS400, PTC400

Modine Gas Valve - Honeywell 1/2" x 1/2" Standing Pilot
  Modine PA Gas Valve This Honeywell gas valve is used in Modine PD, PAE, and PA 24 volt standing pilot heaters up to 200,000 BTU input. Comes setup for natural gas and includes kit to convert to propane. Replaces Modine part #s 5H71923 & 5H71924.

Modine Gas Valve - Honeywell 1/2" x 3/4" Standing Pilot
  Modine PAE Gas Valve This Honeywell gas valve is used in Modine PD, PAE, and PA 24 volt standing pilot heaters 250,000 to 400,000 BTU input in propane & 250,000 input in natural gas. Comes setup for natural gas and includes kit to convert to propane. Replaces Modine part #s 5H73100-2 & 5H73115-2.

Modine PD, PAE, PV & PDP Gas Conversion Kits
  Modine HD Gas Conversion Kit

These kits convert Modine PAE, PV, PD & PDP 30-400 heaters from natural gas (NG) to propane (LP). Each comes with main burner & pilot orifices, air shutters, a spring kit for the gas valve on your heater, conversion sticker, and installation instructions. You will need to specify the brand of gas valve on your heater to receive the proper conversion kit. Pictures are shown below.
Gas valves shown are not included with kit and are not needed to convert your Modine heater.

We also offer propane and natural gas conversion kits for Modine PD, PDP, PAE & PV heaters
For other Modine conversion kits, emailModine Heater Partsand include your heater
model #, power code, control code, and the brand and model # of gas valve on the heater
(see pictures below for help).
Modine PAE Gas Valve
Modine PD Gas Valve
Modine Gas Valve
Modine Heater Valve
Honeywell Gas Valves
Model # starts with V
Robertshaw Gas Valve
Model # starts with 7
White-Rodgers Gas Valve
Model # starts with 3

Modine Propane Conversion Kits

Modine Natural Gas Conversion Kits

Modine conversion kits can be purchased for the following heater models:

Modine PD Gas Heaters
PD30, PD50, PD75, PD100, PD125, PD150, PD175, PD200, PD250, PD300, PD350, PD400

Modine PDP Gas Heaters
PDP30, PDP50, PDP75, PDP100, PDP125, PDP150, PDP175, PDP200, PDP250, PDP300, PDP350, PDP400

Modine PAE Gas Heaters
PAE30, PAE50, PAE75, PAE100, PAE125, PAE145, PAE175, PAE200, PAE225, PAE250, PAE300, PAE350, PAE400

Modine PV Gas Heaters
PV30, PV50, PV75, PV100, PV125, PV145, PV175, PV200, PV250, PV300, PV350, PV400

Modine PA Gas Heaters
PA30, PA50, PA75, PA105, PA130, PA150, PA170, PA200, PA225, PA250, PA300, PA350, PA400

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