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ACF Greenhouse Watering System Parts
Sprinkler System Head
Watering System Head
Irrigation System Part
360 Sprinkler Head
180 Sprinkler Head
Mister Head
Water System Part Sprinkler System Part Plant Watering Part Flower Watering Head
PVC Adapter
1/2" PVC Tee
1/2" PVC Nipple
1/2" PVC Plug
1/2" PVC Compatible Setup
To use the sprinkler and mister heads with standard 1/2" PVC pipe, you will need a PVC adapter, 1/2" PVC nipple, and 1/2" PVC tee with each head.
ACF Watering System Instructions
The red area above indicates the maximum coverage area when heads are placed 2' to 3' above plants.
The black area above indicates the maximum coverage area when heads are placed 4' to 5' above plants.
Quantity Discount
5 +
Order Online
360 Sprinkler Head (5 pack)
180 Sprinkler Head (5 pack)
Mister Head (5 pack)
PVC Adapter (5 pack)
1/2" PVC Tee - SST (5 pack)
1/2" PVC Nipple (5 pack)
1/2" PVC Threaded Plug (5 pack)
- - - The parts above are not compatible with any of our other misting systems - - -
Fine Water Filter
Water Filter

This filter reduces mist nozzle clogging by preventing trash from entering your water line and minimizing calcium and mineral buildup. Simply screw on to standard garden hose or faucet. Recommended for use with all misting systems.

Price: $18.95    qty:

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