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Greenhouse Vent Openers & Supplies  

. How automatic vent openers work: Vent openers do not require electricity. The opener has a metal cylinder containing a mineral which expands when heated. This pushes a piston that opens the vent. As the temperature cools, the mineral shrinks and a spring closes the vent and resets the piston. The opening and closing of the vent is gradual allowing just the right amount of air flow for cooling. Vent Opener Dimensions & Size Comparison

Univent Auto Vent Opener - SALE
Univent Vent OpenerUnivent OpenerUnivent Instructions
Univent OpenerInstructional Video
The Univent allows solar-powered control of top and side mounted window vents thanks to its dual springs. Univent window openers have an adjustable opening temperature of 60 F to 75 F and an 18" maximum opening which would be reached at approximately 20 to 30F above opening temperature. Opener will lift vents weighing up to 15 lbs. Univents are made from corrosion resistant materials including aluminum and stainless steel. Univents also feature a unique quick disconnect feature on the bottom of the unit which is useful when using the opener with a cold frame. This model is recommended for use with Grow More, Solar Harvest, & most other greenhouse vents. Order more than one and save!

Bayliss Triple Spring MK7 Vent Openers
Bayliss Triple Spring MK7 Vent Opener
Bayliss OpenerBayliss Instructions
This is our best hobby vent opener. It has three heavy-duty springs which gives the opener superior closing power making it ideal for side wall vents and roof vents in windy areas. Opening temperature is adjustable (Ranges shown below). Maximum opening of 12" is reached at approximately 20 to 30F above opening temperature. Opener will lift vents weighing up to 18 lbs. Bayliss MK7 vent openers are made from the best corrosion resistant materials: stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and brass. These are recommended for use with Cross Country greenhouse vents. Powertubes are interchangeable.

Standard initial opening temperature range: 55 F to 70 F
Orchid Wax initial opening temperature range: 70 F to 85 F
(The new Orchid Wax model allows you to keep the greenhouse
warmer in cold weather while working well in hot weather also)

Gigavent Heavy-Duty Vent Opener
Gigavent OpenerGigavent OpenerGigavent Instructions
This is the strongest vent opener available with a lifting capacity of 65 lbs. It has a hydraulic cylinder which provides superior protection in windy areas. Opening temperature can be adjusted from 56 F to 70 F and maximum opening of 18" is reached at approximately 20 F above opening temperature. Gigavent cylinder can be located in many different positions for maximum mounting flexibility. This model is too large for use with all of our greenhouses except some of the Cross Country models.

14" 3 Speed Circulation Fan
3 speed Circulation Fan
This multi speed fan is composed of a high grade steel construction material with factory balanced aluminum blades all with a white powder coated finish for maximum corrosion and rust resistance. It is approved for use with misting and fogging rings for indoor and outdoor use. Fan has a three speed, completely sealed and permanently lubricated ball bearing motor with thermal overload protection and pull chain. The adjustable wall / ceiling mount bracket pivots up to 140. Includes 8' 110/120v power cord and pull chain for speed selection.
1540/1400/1100 CFM
Greenhouse HAF Circulation Fans
Greenhouse Fan
These commercial quality circulation fans provide airflow for healthy plant growth and even heat and fresh air distribution in your greenhouse. The enclosed motor is permanently lubricated and maintenance free. All fans are variable speed capable when used with one of our fan speed controls and can be easily automated with a prewired thermostat. Fans include a 6 ft. grounded power cord and mounting bracket. These fans greatly increase ventilation in greenhouses using roof vent systems and are effective at eliminating cold spots when heating your greenhouse. 12" fan produces up to 1030 CFM of airflow and is recommended for greenhouses less than 30' long. 20" fan produces up to 1680 CFM of airflow and is recommended for greenhouses over 30' long. Both fans have a 1/10th HP motor and only draw 1 amp. Requires standard 110/120 volt outlet.
Greenhouse Evaporative Air Coolers
Evaporative Swamp Cooler
Screened Venting & Cooling all in one!
Evaporative air coolers, also called pad or swamp coolers, have proven to be the most effective cooling system for a greenhouse short of an air conditioner. It pumps water over the special cooling pads which lowers the temperature of air passing through them. A powerful blower pulls air through these pads and pushes the cooled air into the greenhouse. Hot air can be exhausted through roof vents or exhaust shutters and automated with one of our plug-in thermostats. The cooling pads also act as a filter and help keep out unwanted insects, dust, and pollen. Coolers have a 2 speed fan which can be used for ventilation with or without wetting the pads. Coolers come with water hose connection kit for constant water supply. Requires a standard 110/120 volt outlet.

Inflation Blower and Accessories
Inflation Fan
These blowers are used for inflating two layers of polyethylene on a greenhouse. The air space between the two layers provides the greenhouse with insulation. Fan has an adjustable inlet for obtaining proper operating pressure. 4" diameter mounting flange. 50 CFM max output, 32 CFM at 0.4" SP
Mounting Kit Mounting kit secures blower to the greenhouse and includes a deflector to protect the outside film layer.
Jumper Hose The jumper hose is used to allow inflation of side and end walls with one blower.


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